Apogee (www.apogeeinstruments.com) of Logan, Utah, is a manufacturer of sensors for the biological sciences. Campbell Scientific purchased a shareholding in 2005 to complement a cooperative relationship. Apogee was organized in 1996.

Coastal Environmental Systems (www.coastalenvironmental.com) of Seattle, Washington, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Campbell Scientific, Inc. Coastal specializes in environmental monitoring applications and has a significant reputation as an integrator of aviation weather systems. With over 1,200 installations worldwide, Coastal’s Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) operate on every continent. Coastal was founded in 1981.

Fort Supply Technologies (www.fort-supply.com) is owned in part by Campbell Scientific, Inc., and is located in Kaysville, Utah. Fort Supply creates field-rugged animal-identification and tracking systems for use by researchers, producers, and government. Founded in 2007, Fort Supply has systems in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Australia.

Freeform Polymers (www.freeformpolymers.com) is owned by Campbell Scientific and is located in Logan, Utah. Since its organization in 2011, Freeform Polymers has provided high-quality and complex plastic parts and services for industrial, scientific, and commercial applications. 

Juniper Systems (www.junipersys.com) is a subsidiary of Campbell Scientific, Inc. Located in Logan, Utah, Juniper is focused on rugged, hand-held field computers. The HarvestMaster Division of Juniper Systems also supplies plot-harvesting-yield monitor systems. Juniper Systems was organized in 1993.

METER Group, Inc. (www.metergroup.com) is owned in part by Campbell Scientific, Inc., and is located in Pullman, Washington. METER supplies products to the food processing industry, where they set the standard for water activity measurement in quality control applications. METER also supplies a variety of products for use in agriculture and soils. METER Group, Inc. was formed in 2016 from the merger of Decagon Devices, Inc. and UMS. Decagon was organized in 1983.

WeatherHawk (www.weatherhawk.com) of Logan, Utah, is the division of Campbell Scientific, Inc., responsible for the design, sales, and support of the WeatherHawk line of weather stations and handheld weather meters. WeatherHawk products are used by schools, government agencies, agriculture, industry, home owners, resorts, and consumers in a wide variety of applications. WeatherHawk was formed in 2003.

The following companies or product lines have been acquired by Campbell Scientific, Inc.: D&A Instrument Company and SIRCO Samplers.