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I want a CRBasic code for integrating a HADCP with the CR1000 in the XYZ format if possible ? sarahh 4
Calendar page - error CSLMM 2
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Remote diagnosis of program skipping scans artyb 4
Strain gages and multiplexers draffard 6
username name of forum #RD@2020 0
Multiple Save Locations from Scheduled Collections EddieO 3
Average and StdDev depending on TimeStamp crdrodriguezre 1
CR200X -> NL201 -> Loggernet collection over TCP/IP problems tapani.mikkola 0
Read in site specific calibration values for same logger program acardiel 3
Landline modem reset string artyb 2
catch data from davis station rolis 5
coordinating data collection with different scan rates pfjessen 2
Sending email from Data Logger #RD@2020 4
NL115 failed to record data Dylan HK 2
LNDB isn't automatically inserting data from .dat files into database Minh T. 1
include site specific calibration for same logger prog Nico 5
Smartwatcher serial output readout box GeodeNZ 7
CRbasic: can I retrieve data from a remote server with an API request? DaveMattey 5
CR800 - CR1000 Compatibility with modem gprs iperez 0
Is TDR 200 compatible in linux system? Farid1596 0
Sending email from Data Logger #RD@2020 0
Negative nighttime values using Etsz function dbrese_stone-env 1
CR3000 RS232 20HZ FB5802 9
Serialinchk and Serialflush kokihualpa 0
Pakbus network wireless kokihualpa 7