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RTMC Pro Development embedding multiple images

trashbk Feb 3, 2020 01:31 AM

Hi everyone,

RTMC Pro Development gives me a strange problem. I am just trying to add another .png logo to an existing website (Client logo in addition to our company logo). This should be simple enough: I insert a new image by the "Screen-insert new" function, then edit its properties (size and position).

In the xml code I can see there is a new "component" which looks fine, and in the "media manager" there is a new image which states the correct path where the image is stored. Both files are in the folder C:\Campbellsci\RTMC.

So, the "media imager" section in the xml code has two images, my own logo and the client logo, which seem to be well-defined and properties stated in the "component" part.

When I do the "run project" preview, it looks all fine. However, when publishing this page and opening it in a browser, both logos shown on the website are the same (one is distorted due to incorrect aspect ratio), as if the second file source were not existing.

I am clueless what is happening. Any help is much appreciated.

Best regards,


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