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Rain total specific month

Makada Mar 26, 2020 04:57 AM


I have a one minute table running 24/7 with weatherdata.

Basically i want to have a total rain from a specific month. 

I know how i can get total from present month, but how can i get for example, the total rain from january from the one minute table in RTMC?

Maybe someone can provide an example?

Thanks in advance .

Makada Mar 26, 2020 10:28 AM

I found this topic, but i cant get it to work...

Ideally i need a start and end time.

To get monthly raintotals for every month seperately in one RTMC screen.


Makada Apr 3, 2020 03:31 PM

Anyone got a solution hopefully😁

Makada Apr 8, 2020 02:20 PM

...there must be a way to get this data i think👍

AMK Apr 8, 2020 02:45 PM

This is similar, but does the reset weekly. I think there is a RESET_MONTHLY too. This only gives you a plot, not a database.  


See plot example here: 


Makada Apr 8, 2020 11:45 PM

Hi AMK, 

Thanks for your reply. 

Thats looking great .

I thought theres a a function in RTMC records back.

I cant imagine theres no function in RTMC to have a total or min max between a start date and end date.

Ive seen your website and data graphs,  which are awesome and i can learn from them.

Do you mind asking you the total crbasic code, so i can implement some of your code in mine?

Makada Apr 24, 2020 03:06 PM

Anyone got a solution hopefully

JDavis Apr 24, 2020 05:09 PM

It is easiest if you add a monthly table into the datalogger program.

There is no direct way to do it in RTMC.

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