With instrumentation and help from Campbell Scientific, personnel from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, measured greenhouse gas fluxes over a rice paddy in the summer of 1999. Campbell Scientific provided three systems to make the measurements: a methane/carbon dioxide/water vapor eddy-covariance system, a methane profile system, and a carbon dioxide/water vapor profile system. Instrumentation used in the systems included TGA100 Trace-Gas Analyzers, CSAT3 Sonic Anemometers, dataloggers (CR9000 and CR23X), hygrometers, and LI-COR 6262 H2O/CO2 analyzers.

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Case Study Summary


Eddy covariance fluxes and vertical profiles of methane, carbon dioxide, and water vapor


Seoul, Korea

Products Used

TGA100  CR23X  CSAT3  KH20  CR9000 

Participating Organizations

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University