If you have experience integrating Campbell Scientific products into your own system for your customers, consider becoming a Campbell Scientific partner. As a partner, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Use products known world-wide for their quality, reliability, flexibility, and accuracy.
  • Receive one-on-one support from our in-house support and implementation engineers.
  • Participate in training at our Partners Conference.
  • Be listed on the Campbell Scientific, Inc. website as an endorsed integrator.
  • Gain easy web access to marketing materials, product images, and advanced technical information.

Shared Values

To become a partner, it is important that you understand our mission:

We at Campbell Scientific, Inc., are committed to satisfying the measurement instrumentation needs of our customers, especially those who are working to advance science and technology for the benefit of humankind.

We seek partners who share similar values and who understand the important role that mutual trust and respect play in maintaining successful partnerships. The partnership relationships we seek are those that are mutually beneficial.

Partnership Types

Because our partners provide their customers with differing levels of service, we offer four types of partnerships:

  1. We can build your system as your own brand.
  2. You can build your system with a Campbell Scientific datalogger at the core.
  3. We can provide you with private-label Campbell Scientific products.
  4. We can provide you with board-level Campbell Scientific products that you can integrate into your products.

Next Step

If you believe that your company would be a good match for a partnership with Campbell Scientific, click Apply to Be a Partner. Complete the form’s required fields, and click Submit. After your form has been reviewed, you will be contacted.