The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) site in Morgantown, West Virginia, maintains a 150-foot, free-standing meteorological tower with data collection points at ground level, 33 feet, 75 feet, and 150 feet. The data collected at ground level is air temperature, relative humidity, total rainfall, and snow depth. The other stations monitor wind direction and speed. Additionally, air temperature is being monitored at the 33-foot level.

The data is collected with a Campbell Scientific CR10X datalogger. Collection of data occurs every second, and is averaged over 15 minutes and over 24 hours. Vista Data Vision (VDV) applications manage the meteorological data. VDV applications have enabled the lab to track data more efficiently, provide the data to multiple users with the web browser, and generate quarterly and annual meteorological reports from the data.

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Case Study Summary


Meteorological data monitoring at National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)


National Energy Technology Laboratory site in Morgantown, West Virginia

Products Used



Vista Engineering

Participating Organizations

US Department of Energy

Measured Parameters

Air temp, humidity, rainfall, snowfall, wind direction, and wind speed